Unfortunately, emergency service repairs of all kinds are the target of scammers and garage door repairs are a particular target. 

In the last several years, every national trade association for the door industry has published articles about the problem. Newspapers and TV news channels around the country have done stories. The Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general have taken action.

Even Google is reacting to the problem

It has gotten so bad that Google recently sent out a message to garage door dealers to take extra steps to verify we are legitimate door dealers.

Dear Overhead Door™ Company Distributor, 

Google has initiated an advanced verification system for all garage door businesses. This has been done in an attempt to remove fraudulent garage door businesses in Google search.  

One article by the Dallas News published the following about what they called the “worst garage door company in the nation’

  • Operates in 30 cities around the country including Minneapolis and St Paul
  • Spends millions on internet ads. (Obviously, crime does pay)
  • Owns over 500 website names that sound like legitimate locally owned businesses, causing confusion about who you have contacted.

What Can You Do About it?

Fortunately, it takes just a few minutes to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable repair company.

Know the warning signs of a fraudulent company

  • They ask for your zip code at the beginning of the phone call. This is a sign that you are talking to a remote call center, not a local company.
  • The company name is vague and not specific. They want you to confuse them with a local business.
  • The address they give is suspicious for example, downtown or in a strip mall. They don’t want you to be able to track them down or it is a sign that they farm out all of the work.
  • The price they give is unreasonably low for example, $29.95 for broken spring. Later you will be given a much higher price.

Know what to ask.

  • What is your company name?
  • What is your company address?
  • Are your service technicians employees or independent contractors?
  • What is your company’s website?

Know the 5 most common reasons your garage door won’t open or close

  • A broken spring or cable.
  • Something bent the track. New track for a typical residential door
  • Gears in the opener are stripped. If you can hear the motor running but the door is not moving this may be the problem.
  • The following are easy homeowner fixes
    • Safety eyes are out of alignment or there is something blocking the light sensors.
    • Remote not working because of dead batteries
    • If your door closes and pops open it is likely the limit setting needs adjustment
    • The vacation lock on the control panel is on

Know typical prices for commons garage door repairs. Note these prices are provided to give you a ballpark price. Your actual situation will be different.

  • Service calls start at $125
  • New springs. Our price is typically $120 to $225. We recommend that you replace both springs at the same time to prevent another service call.
  • New track one complete side installed our price is typically $75 to $185.
  • New Opener installed is $350 to $450 depending on the type of opener you choose. We have three different models
  • Standard insulated steel panel section replacement price is typically $150 to $500 depending on the door







What You Can Do

  1. Know the warning signs
  2. Know what to ask
  3. Know the most common repairs
  4. Know Typical Prices for Minneapolis and St Paul Metro area

And of course, call us at 651-683-0307

"Thanks for the great service. Replace circuit board which saved us $200.00. Matt was friendly and efficient."
-Recent Customer

What we at Overhead Door of the Northland do about it?

In addition to all the tips mentioned in this article, we make it easy for you to know it is us when we arrive:

All our trucks have our red ribbon Overhead Door logo and our phone number on them.

Our service people all wear a shirt with their name and our ribbon logo on it.

We are pleased to say that we are certified by Google

"Congratulations! We are happy to inform you that Google's advanced verification process has been successfully completed for Overhead Door Company of the Northland"

Look for the red ribbon on the truck

For more information

To read the articles in the Dallas news on “the worst garage door company in the nation



Go here, www.dooreducation.com/videos, to see four videos reviewed and approved by the two national door trade associations DAMSA and IDS.