What is a High Speed Door?

High speed doors are fast, reliable, durable, secure, and versatile. Our nine models are designed to flex, keep the weather out, and control the environment inside.  These high-performance doors are engineered to allow maximum productivity with fast-acting curtains, high-cycle performance and resistance to damage from accidental collisions.

Anywhere there is a high traffic area that requires fast acting doors to allow traffic to quickly move into and out of the building.

High Speed Garage Door
Recent install of a high speed garage door for a parking garage in Downtown Minneapolis.

With 9 Models, 4 materials, and many options we can help you get the right functionality, look, and price for your building. Contact us and we will get you a picture that you can actually read!.

9 models of high speed doors

What are the Benefits of a High Speed Door?

Springless design

  • Minimizes down-time

Fast Opening

  • Opens in 4 seconds or less (depending on model)

Interior and exterior models

Break away bottom

  • Designed to break away from the side guides
  • Simple reset and self-repair after a break-away event
  • Impact detection

Direct gear drive system

  • Less wear than chain and sprocket
  • Gearbox design with door stop safety

Safety features

  • Infrared sensors
  • Reversing bottom edge
  • Flexible bottom
  • Built-in door stop
  • Safety light curtain

Tight seals to control airflow and improve wind load

  • ASTM tested
  • Air infiltration
  • Wind load

Padlock controller fused disconnect.

Plugin ready wiring


What are the Best Uses for High Speed Doors?

With speeds up to 80 in/sec, high speed doors are ideally suited for areas with high traffic flow, security issues, or environmentally controlled areas. They are used for both exterior and interior openings including:

Where speed really matters

  • Emergency vehicles

Where Traffic volume is high

  • Car dealerships
  • Office towers
  • Parking ramps

Where Security is important

  • High Rise Condominiums
  • Conveyors for material handling
  • High-security buildings

Where air exchange is a problem

  • Controlled environments
  • Heated parking
  • Clean rooms
  • Cold storage

Types of High-Performance Doors

full-vision high speed garage door
Full-Vision High Speed Door in Minneapolis.

High Speed Metal Doors

Metal high speed doors are a good fit where building security is important. They come in steel and aluminum for durability. With their huge range of color options, they can also bring style to your facility that a fabric or rubber door can’t provide. Because they are used in high traffic fast-moving areas, they are designed to minimize impact damage.

Best use of Steel & Aluminum High Speed Doors

  • Parking garages, Manufacturing, auto dealerships, retail stores

Benefits and applications

  • Opening speed of up to 80" per second.
  • Dual wall aluminum with optional polycarbonate panels
  • Solid doors for privacy or full-view doors for aesthetic appeal and visibility
  • Perforated slats are available to maintain security and privacy while allowing air circulation.
  • Up to 80”/sec
  • High wind resistance
  • Integrated light curtain.
  • Perforated slats optional for visibility and airflow
  • Close to 200 powder coat finishes

High speed Fabric Doors & Rubber doors

Fast acting Fabric and rubber doors are ideal for Manufacturing; Distribution; Food/ Beverage; Cold Storage; Pharmaceutical facilities.

For very large openings rubber doors come standard in widths and heights up to 30”.

Increasing the speed and the cycle requirements of the door requires several engineering changes. The least expensive way is to make the door lighter by using rubber or fabric.   Ideal for separating controlled environment spaces such as food and beverage facilities, high traffic zones, storage rooms, freezer and cooler applications, and manufacturing areas to prevent cross-contamination.

Several safety features are available; a flexible bottom with wireless monitored reversing edge, a built-in drop stop device, and in-plane infrared sensors. ​​

Fabric and Rubber Door Features

  • Interior & Exterior models
  • Opening speed up to 80”/sec
  • Closing speed up to 40”/sec
  • Curtain locks on some models
  • Breakaway self-reset
  • Windows optional
  • Hinged guides for easy maintenance
  • 5 year warranty
  • 5 different colors
  • Wind load certified to ASTM E283


In need of a high-speed door for your facility, but not sure exactly where to start?  Save time, and let us do the work for you by giving us a call at (651) 683-0307.

With a few simple questions, one of our experienced Sales specialists will be able to help you select the high performing door that best fits your environment. With 9 models and 4 materials: steel, aluminum, fabric, and rubber, along with many options, we probably have a door that fits your application and your budget.


High Speed Door Features & Options Highlights

Faster opening speed for increased productivity and maximum energy efficiency
 Direct drive motor in lieu of springs provides high cycles, reliability, and durability
 Soft start/stop
 Loop detectors
 Radio control
 Motion detectors
 Additional photo-electric sensors
Strobe lights
Advanced diagnostics for fast and easy troubleshooting
Options for high-efficiency performance to help reduce energy consumption
Maximum performance and functionality with minimum maintenance requirements
Five-year limited warranty on motor
Break away panels
Easy maintenance and repair