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Choosing the Right Leveler for Your Dock

Types of Dock Levelers

There are many types of dock levelers on the market. Choosing one depends on freight, vehicles, frequency of use, and the loading conditions it will face every day. Here are the different types and what conditions they work best in:

  • Edge-of-Dock – This leveler is mounted to the outside of the loading dock and is more economical but has a limited weight and size capacity.
  • Pit Style – A pit style is great for demanding docking applications. They can carry bigger capacities and adapt better.
  • Vertical Storing – This leveler is great for food or where temperature and environmental control is a concern. It works to keep out pests and maintain the right temperature.

Loading Dock Levelers in Minneapolis

A leveler can aid in ensuring your business runs smoothly. At Overhead Door Company of Northland, we not only install your dock leveler but offer maintenance repair and accessories when needed. For more information, contact us at (952)888-1944.