17 Feb 2015

Protecting Your Home from a Tornado

Tornado Damage

Tornados can be a nasty surprise. Don’t be caught unprepared; there are measures you can take to protect your home from suffering extensive damage. Here are a few tips to keeping your home in one piece when a storm occurs.

Being Prepared

  1. Doors – Garage doors are especially prone to being torn off during a storm. Install doors that can withstand strong winds.
  2. Roof – Winds blow over a home and exerts pressure against the roof of your home. Install hurricane clips that will aid in keeping your roof secured to your home during a storm.
  3. Concrete – If you’re in the position to build your home or are adding additions, build with concrete. It’s much more durable than typical building materials and can withstand more pressure.

Garage Doors in Minneapolis

The installers at Overhead Door Company are there to protect your home from as much damage as possible. In case of an emergency, call (651)683-0307.

17 Feb 2015
sectional steel garage doors for a loading dock

Loading Dock Safety

Loading Dock

The main place of activity in a warehouse is the loading docks. With constant activity, the risk of an accident occurring increases. We have compiled a few tips that will help maintain a safe work environment.

Tips to Ensure Safety

  • Training – All personnel should be trained in dock safety protocols and procedures. The rules should be enforced to prevent any accidents.
  • Inspections – An inspection program should be put in place to ensure that the docks are always in top shape. Part of the inspection program should include servicing to the dock.
  • Clean – It is important that the dock remain clean and well illuminated at all times.

Loading Dock Service in Minneapolis

Overhead Door Company of the Northland offers a preventative maintenance for loading docks. The service includes inspection for cracks, wear and much more. To find out more about this service, contact us at (952)888-1944.