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I have used Overhead Door Company of the Northland several times in the past and will continue to rely on them for all my garage door needs. Everyone I spoke with was friendly and helpful. Excellent service!!  —Kristin

The tech replaced not only springs but cables and other parts that were worn (he showed me the evidence of that). Then he adjusted the opener settings and was gone. Efficient, thorough, courteous, and worth every penny I paid. And the folks on the phone at the front end were helpful as well. These are the people to call. —Richard

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We are a locally owned and operated garage door repair company. Our warehouse is located across the river from the airport and every day our 13 fully stocked trucks are working throughout the Minneapolis and St Paul metro area. That means we probably have a truck near you right now.

Here are some of our statistics:

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  • Our technicians are trained and experienced in all garage door repair and installation problems
  • Our technicians are drug tested and security screened
  • Our technicians stay with us 5 times longer than the industry average
  • Our team continues to earn 5-star reviews

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  • Installation, maintenance and repair of all types of residential and commercial garage doors
  • We will repair rather than replace parts when it's possible to save you money

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken springs are the most common mechanical failure.

If you have a broken spring, get it fixed right away. Your door can be damaged if you don't.

If you have to get out or secure your door use the manual release and open and close the door manually.

How Can I Tell If My Overhead Garage Door Needs a new spring?

You may have heard a loud crack like the sound of a very large metal spring breaking🤔. Obvious maybe but it can be really loud. Or your Door may have suddenly started to groan and creak when you open it. Or try as it might your opener is no longer able to pull the door up the track.

And finally, for conclusive proof, you may need to walk up to the door and look at the spring.

What Do I Do When My Garage Door Spring Is Broken?

Open the door only when you absolutely need to. Because with a broken spring your door opening system is out of balance putting stress on the door. Opening your garage door with a broken spring can damage the door, the tracks, and the opener. The side of the door with the spring pulls the whole door up potentially bending the door and tracks and overstressing the motor in the opener.

Garage door opening systems are designed with two springs, one on each side. This provides balanced lifting forces that provide most of the lifting force. The springs are tunned so that they balance much of the weight of the door. This allows the garage door opener to be much smaller. Without the springs you would need a much larger and more expensive opener.

Other Common Garage Door Repairs

Damaged Door Rails
Garage door rails get bumped and damaged by everything from lawn mowers to vehicles. Bent rails or rails that aren’t properly aligned increase stress on both the door and opener and should be replaced.

Frayed and Broken Cables
When your garage door is opened and closed, the cables on the sides of the door, experience a lot of force. You should never try to adjust the mounting points of a cable while the door is closed. Even if the door is open, there can still be some residual force on the cables, which is why we don’t recommend homeowners try this repair on their own. If one of your cables is broken don’t try to lower the door the uneven loading can cause the door to buckle.

Garage Door Panel Replacement
If only one garage door panel is damaged, you may not have to replace the entire door. Panel replacement is a job best done by us. You can paint or finish the door after it’s fixed if you want. Please understand that in some cases we may recommend replacing the whole door after an inspection of a damaged panel.

Common Repairs for Garage Door Electronics & Openers that you can do yourself

  • Remotes not working. Okay changing a battery in a remote may not be technically a repair but it does occur frequently. For help in reprograming a remote to your opener go here.
  • Wall-Mounted Keypads. What may not be obvious some wall-mounted keypads may be battery-powered. If you are having a problem with a keypad, check first to determine if it is hardwired or battery operated.
  • Similarly, reprogramming cars to link to the opener can at times be required. For help reprogramming your car garage door controller go here.
  • Safety Sensors: At the bottom of each side of the door there are photoelectric sensors. These sensors are there to prevent the door from crushing something or someone as it closes. Prior to requiring these sensors and the door overload detector, there were some deaths, so these are an important safety addition.
  • The door limit settings need an adjustment because the door stops and returns to fully open.

A Couple of Not Very Common Garage door Problems

  • Your door is frozen to the ground and ice has frozen between the panels. Usually, pushing on the door a bit breaks it free. It's not a bad idea to help the opener out a bit by lifting on the handle in the middle of the door from the inside.
  • And finally, bent tracks or misaligned rollers can cause stress on the system usually accompanied by groans and squeaks as the door is moving. Whenever your door starts making loud or unusual noises check it out. It might be something serious.


Other Maintenance Resources

  More information on garage door opener repair
  Maintenance instructions recommended by Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International (DASMA)
  Watch a video from DASMA on residential garage door inspection - Part 1 & Part 2

Call us at (651) 683-0307 to set up a free evaluation of your residential doors. It’s much less costly to take care of any service or repair needs before they become an emergency and compromise the safety of your home.