DoorView – See The Perfect Garage Door For Your House

This free tool allows you to quickly see many garage door options placed on your house.

Just upload a photo of your garage door and you are ready to start viewing hundreds of different looks.

Change door styles, trim, windows and colors

If you are thinking about painting your house, you can choose a house similar to yours and vary the paint colors.

Both the phone and the PC version of the app are easy to use but we find that it’s a bit easier with a larger screen.

Even spending 10 minutes will really help.




DoorView allows you to see a variety of garage doors on your house
DoorView is Fast, Easy & Very Helpful
Garage door selection change syles
Quickly Try Different Door Styles
Dark color garage door
Scroll Through Different Colors

Benefits of DoorView

  • It’s fast, it’s visual, and it’s your house
  • Explore different styles of doors right on your house
  • See how different colors of garage doors look on your house
  • Play around with various options from windows to hardware—again on your own house

You will be surprised to see how small changes can make a huge difference.


Get Started:

Click here to go to

You will see a page that looks like this below:

  • Choose Design Your Door (red button) to get started on your computer or...
  • If you want to download the app on your phone click on the app store.

Both work well but we prefer to use a larger screen on a computer or a tablet, especially if you are going to upload a photo of your house. You will want to make some adjustments to the door. It’s easier on a larger screen.




Choosing a house with a garage door
Choose a House Like Yours
Customize the overhead garage door
Add Options to Customize the Door
Garage door styles
Look at Different Door Styles
House with a garage door
Have Fun


Want Help?

Overhead Door has been the industry leader in cutting edge technology and design since 1921. Overhead Door of the Northland has been serving the Minneapolis St Paul area for over 30 years.

Go here to get started with DoorView? Or give us a call at (651) 683-0307 and we will personally walk you through the program.Overhead Door is here for you. If desired, we will visit you, photograph your home, and upload the picture and help you select the door that meets your needs.

Call us at (651) 683-0307 to let one of our Overhead Door Sales Specialists save you time in selecting the right garage door for your home.