25 Jun 2019
Black garage door

Garage Door Trends for 2019

It's all about curb appeal these days and why not since there are so many more options available? Partly responsible is the abundance of home improvement shows. A few years ago new home buyers want to have a home that was move-in ready. And now the bar has been raised again. Now homeowners want a home that is gorgeous inside and out. Which leads us to our favorite topic garage doors.

One simple way to boost the look of your home is by upgrading or updating your garage door.

We are seeing several design trends popping up around Minneapolis and St Paul and here are a few of our favorites:

Low Maintenance Elegance

Wood Accents are a popular trend in interior design but some homeowners don’t want to deal with the upkeep. There’s hope, faux wood garage doors are made to look like wood but they are made out of steel or fiberglass. Provides you with durability while giving you the natural look you want.

Be Bold

Homeowners want to stand out among the neighborhood, resulting in bolder, more vibrant color choices for their garages. Picking a color that complements your home rather than blends in gives your home a modern and unique look. Use your door to share something about your personality and take a chance to express yourself. Shown on the Bloomington house at right is a black garage door on a dark gray house with wood accents.

Let in the Light

Garages are being for a variety of reasons these days, adding windows allows more natural light to pour in increasing the usefulness of the space. Not to mention it adds artistic value to your home. And personally, I like having windows in the garage in the darkness of our Minnesota winters. Every little bit helps. Shown at right is a garage door with an aluminum frame loaded with windows. Let the light in. And if you are concerned about feeling too exposed you can choose a variety of glass options to reduce the visibility into your garage.

Whatever your curb appeal ideas might be, Overhead Door Company of Northland will take care of the hard work for you, call 651.683.0307 to make your garage door dreams come true. (Is that too much? Okay, how about let your garage door be a big part of why you regularly say to yourself, I really like my home.)

Great looking fiberglass garage doors from the Impression collection feature a vertical slat design with a cherry wood grain pattern, beautiful.
Black Garage door
Black garage door on a Bloomington house goes great with today's darker colors.
Modern Aluminum Garage Door Install in St. Louis Park
Full window on a garage door in St Lous Park compliments the other windows on the house
24 Jun 2019
Loading dock lift

Loading Dock Efficiency

The hub of all the activity in the warehouse, the loading dock is an important part of any warehouse. Making sure it runs at its most efficient capacity is vital to a smooth running business.

Be assertive about keeping the loading dock area is clear of excess material such as merchandise or empty boxes.

And the installation of a high-speed door can also help ensure that the doors open and closed as fast as possible while still maintaining safety. It would also benefit the loading dock area to have a well-organized warehouse to ensure all the materials can be found and brought to the dock area quickly.

High-Speed Doors

Ensure that your warehouse is working at its fullest potential and is properly protected by installing the high-speed doors provided by Overhead Door Company of Northland. To install our doors on your loading dock, call us at 651-683-0307. Our loading dock specialists will help you get the right door, dock hood and dock lift.

Blue Giant Dock Lift
Blue Giant Dock Lift
Blue Giant Leveler and Nova Dock Seals
Blue Giant Leveler and Nova Dock Seals
30 May 2019
Traditional Wood Residential Garage Door

Selling or Buying A New Home? Your Garage Door Matters.

What is the first thing you see when you look at a home? There it is your garage door standing proud in the front of your house for all to see. So what does your garage door say about your house?

As the focal point of the front of your house does your garage door sets the tone for the rest of your house.

When you are trying to sell or buy your home the first thing that home buyers see is the front of your home. When you invest in an eye-catching garage door, buyers will be drawn to your home over a home that has a dull curb appeal. If your garage door looks old, unmaintained, and run down, buyers will assume the inside of your home will be the same.

With so many options to choose from you can choose from a wide variety of beautiful eye-catching garage doors. Choose a stunning style guaranteed to impress or a classic look to welcome guests. Choose your style to fit your personality and to increase the value of your home and make that sale. Call Overhead Door Northland at 651.683.0625.