05 Sep 2016
commercial garage door

Beautify Your Retail Space

The Modern Brick and Mortar Storefront

Many people neglect to think about their storefront exteriors as they set up their retail spaces. A simple and elegant way to create an aesthetically pleasing and modern looking space; look to incorporate Glass and Aluminum Sectional Doors.

An Aesthetically Pleasing Look

At Overhead Door our sectional aluminum doors are engineered for long life, low maintenance, and beauty. The addition of glass doors allows light in and provides a lovely vignette visual to surround your storefront.

With many options available it can be difficult to decide which door is best, call us at 651.683.0307 and with a few quick questions, our representatives will be able to help you pick the sectional door that best fits your environment.

17 Aug 2016
high speed garage door

High Speed Coiling Doors

Here at Overhead Door Northland, we are proud to offer our customers fast, high performance coiling doors. Our high speed doors have tons of features and options, such as:

  • Quicker opening speed (increases productivity and energy efficient)
  • Direct Drive Motor (instead of springs) which delivers higher cycles, more reliability, and superior durability.
  • Softly starts and stops
  • Loop detectors
  • Radio control
  • Motion detectors
  • Additional photo-electric sensors
  • Horns
  • Strobe lights
  • Advanced diagnostics – Quick and simple troubleshooting
  • Optional high efficiency performance available for reducing energy consumption
  • 2-Year or 300,000 cycle limited warranty coverage
  • 5-Year limited warranty on Direct Drive Motor
  • Break away panels
  • Simple maintenance and repair

To learn more about our high performance coiling doors click here or call (651) 683-0307 to have a sales specialist choose the right door for your specific needs.

10 Aug 2015
sectional steel doors and dock equipment

Protecting Your Warehouse from Extreme Weather

Tips for Protecting Your Warehouse

A warehouse can go from efficient to frenzy with a strong gust of wind or heavy rainfall. Due to dock doors being wide enough to fit a freight truck, there is plenty of opportunity for the elements to negatively affect your space. Rather than subject your employees and merchandise to damage, here are a few ways you can prevent it.

  • First prepare your deck for any kind of weather by making sure all maintenance has been kept up.
  • Then advise your staff to dress accordingly. If the weather is warm, dress in lighter layers; and if cold add layers to their outfit. Be aware of any significant weather changes and keep merchandise and employees from the doors as much as possible.
  • To completely secure your warehouse, install seals and shelters to your warehouse opening.

At the Overhead Door Company of the Northland, we provide the best seals and shelters and can install them for you. For additional information contact us at (952)888-1944.

27 May 2015
coiling security grill at Pottery Barn

Securing Your Stand from the Outside In

Securing the Premises

While you might think your business stand is safe from thieves because it is such a small place, think again. Sometimes thieves believe it will be an easier place to hit. Here are some security measures you can take to ensure your business is locked-up tight.

  • Install Security Cameras – Cameras can act like a deterrent since thieves will not want to be captured on footage.
  • Upgrade Your Doors – After a few years your doors, especially counter doors can become unreliable. Replace them with sturdier counter doors to make it difficult for those trying to break in.
  • Invest in a Safe – For days when you cannot go to the bank or keep documents secure, buy a safe you can hide. Depending on the type of safe and where it is placed, your insurance company may reimburse you the cost.

Security Grills in Minneapolis

At Overhead Door Company of the Northland, we can provide your company with the best security grills. Protect your company by letting us install your counter doors today. Schedule your installation by contacting us at (952)888-1944.

24 Apr 2015
air bag leveler

Choosing the Right Leveler for Your Dock

Types of Dock Levelers

There are many types of dock levelers on the market. Choosing one depends on freight, vehicles, frequency of use, and the loading conditions it will face every day. Here are the different types and what conditions they work best in:

  • Edge-of-Dock – This leveler is mounted to the outside of the loading dock and is more economical but has a limited weight and size capacity.
  • Pit Style – A pit style is great for demanding docking applications. They can carry bigger capacities and adapt better.
  • Vertical Storing – This leveler is great for food or where temperature and environmental control is a concern. It works to keep out pests and maintain the right temperature.

Loading Dock Levelers in Minneapolis

A leveler can aid in ensuring your business runs smoothly. At Overhead Door Company of Northland, we not only install your dock leveler but offer maintenance repair and accessories when needed. For more information, contact us at (952)888-1944.

19 Mar 2015
Dock seals and sectional door

Making Your Loading Dock More Efficient

Loading Dock Efficiency

The hub of all the activity in the warehouse, the loading dock is an important part of any warehouse. Making sure it runs at its most efficient capacity is vital to a smooth running business.

A few ways to achieve this is by ensuring the loading dock area is clear of excess material such as merchandise or empty boxes. Installation of a high speed door can also help ensure that the doors open and close as fast as possible while still maintaining safety. It would also benefit the loading dock area to have a well-organized warehouse to ensure all the materials can be found and brought to the dock area quickly.

High Speed Doors

Ensure that your warehouse is working at its fullest potential and is properly protected by installing the high speed doors provided by Overhead Door Company of Northland. To install our doors on your loading dock, call us at (952)888-1944.

17 Feb 2015
sectional steel garage doors for a loading dock

Loading Dock Safety

Loading Dock

The main place of activity in a warehouse is the loading docks. With constant activity, the risk of an accident occurring increases. We have compiled a few tips that will help maintain a safe work environment.

Tips to Ensure Safety

  • Training – All personnel should be trained in dock safety protocols and procedures. The rules should be enforced to prevent any accidents.
  • Inspections – An inspection program should be put in place to ensure that the docks are always in top shape. Part of the inspection program should include servicing to the dock.
  • Clean – It is important that the dock remain clean and well illuminated at all times.

Loading Dock Service in Minneapolis

Overhead Door Company of the Northland offers a preventative maintenance for loading docks. The service includes inspection for cracks, wear and much more. To find out more about this service, contact us at (952)888-1944.

07 Jan 2015
fire rated garage door

Installing doors can give you more time to escape a fire

Fire Doors

Fire doors are doors that are made to close automatically during a fire. They seal shut in order to cut off the oxygen that will feed the fire. They can also give you more time to escape in case a fire breaks out.

Where to Install

The most common places to find fire doors are:

  • Buildings with kitchens and garbage chutes
  • Dumbwaiter doors
  • Rooms that hold flammable chemicals

If your building or store fits these criteria, you will want to make sure you have fire doors installed. Kitchens and schools are places that would benefit greatly by having fire doors. The beauty of the doors is that they can even be installed in your home for extra security.

Fire Doors Minneapolis

Overhead Door Company of Northland can make your business or school safe by installing your fire doors. Contact us at (651)683-0307.