06 Feb 2020
Garage Door Prices Minneapolis St Paul

Garage Door Prices in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Surrounding Suburbs for 2020

Why Publish Garage Door Prices?

  1. Our first goal for this page is to give you a starting point in setting your budget for a new overhead garage door.
  2. Don’t get scammed. We also don’t want you to get taken by unscrupulous providers. It is most common with emergency service. In fact, Google has added advanced verification for garage door distributers specifically to deal with “fraudulent garage door business”. Go here to discover easy ways to prevent scammers.
  3. And finally, we wrote this page because a lot of people are surprised to know that buying from a big box supplier will not save you much money. And what you give up is the fast, personal service we provide in helping you select the perfect door for your home.

A Word About Overhead Garage Door Price Ranges

  • These prices ranges represent the most common doors we sell here in the Minneapolis, St Paul metro area.
  • You could pay less. For example, an un-insulated stamped steel door and save some money, but we don’t typically sell uninsulated doors because, well, on a cold January day an insulated door with high-quality weather stripping is a nice thing to have.
  • You could pay more. There are a lot of choices and options that can affect the look and the price of your door. Pick the most intricate style, with decorative hardware and the most expensive windows and trim and it’s going to increase the price.
  • We will help you navigate through your options to get the right door for your house and budget. Call us at 651-683-0307 or go here to get our Ultimate Guide to selecting your perfect garage door. This guide will provide you with tips to help you get a door that fits your house and your budget.

The prices shown below represent the typical prices for garage doors, openers, service and installation.

Steel Garage Door
No Windows
$700 - $1,200

Wood Garage Door
No Windows
$1,200 - $3,500

Door Installation
$150 - $250

Steel Garage Door
With Windows
$1,000 - $1,500

Carriage House Garage Door
Steel, Wood, Fiberglass
$950 - $2,500

Door Installation
Double Car
$250 - $300

Single Row
$300 - $500

Aluminum Garage Door
Full Windows
$4,000 - $5,000

With Installation
Medium - Heavy Duty
We Don't Recomend Light Duty Openers
$380 - $590

Notes on Price ranges

  • All prices are for single car garages, double doors add about 35% - 40% to the price of a single door
  • Options such as window types and trim, decorative hardware, can change the price significantly
  • Prices are typical in some cases prices may be lower or higher depend on your circumstances

Typical Price Range For Service & Repair

Broken Springs
$150 - $250

Bent Tracks
Usually Require Replacement
$200 - $300

Frayed Cables
Requires Replacement
$150 - $200

Damaged Steel Panel Replacement
Does Not Include Color Matching
$350 - $600

Operator Repair
$150 - $300

If you need a new door

Whether you are looking for some serious curb appeal or something with understated class, call us. And yes, we will give you estimates over the phone 651-683-0307.

If you need Service

Call us at 651-683-0307. We will provide you with an estimate on the phone and we can confirm the estimate when we are on-site.

Our service area is Minneapolis and St Paul metro area. With thirteen trucks out every day, chances are we have one in your neighborhood now.

25 Jun 2019
Black garage door

Garage Door Trends for 2019

It's all about curb appeal these days and why not since there are so many more options available? Partly responsible is the abundance of home improvement shows. A few years ago new home buyers want to have a home that was move-in ready. And now the bar has been raised again. Now homeowners want a home that is gorgeous inside and out. Which leads us to our favorite topic garage doors.

One simple way to boost the look of your home is by upgrading or updating your garage door.

We are seeing several design trends popping up around Minneapolis and St Paul and here are a few of our favorites:

Low Maintenance Elegance

Wood Accents are a popular trend in interior design but some homeowners don’t want to deal with the upkeep. There’s hope, faux wood garage doors are made to look like wood but they are made out of steel or fiberglass. Provides you with durability while giving you the natural look you want.

Be Bold

Homeowners want to stand out among the neighborhood, resulting in bolder, more vibrant color choices for their garages. Picking a color that complements your home rather than blends in gives your home a modern and unique look. Use your door to share something about your personality and take a chance to express yourself. Shown on the Bloomington house at right is a black garage door on a dark gray house with wood accents.

Let in the Light

Garages are being for a variety of reasons these days, adding windows allows more natural light to pour in increasing the usefulness of the space. Not to mention it adds artistic value to your home. And personally, I like having windows in the garage in the darkness of our Minnesota winters. Every little bit helps. Shown at right is a garage door with an aluminum frame loaded with windows. Let the light in. And if you are concerned about feeling too exposed you can choose a variety of glass options to reduce the visibility into your garage.

Whatever your curb appeal ideas might be, Overhead Door Company of Northland will take care of the hard work for you, call 651.683.0307 to make your garage door dreams come true. (Is that too much? Okay, how about let your garage door be a big part of why you regularly say to yourself, I really like my home.)

Great looking fiberglass garage doors from the Impression collection feature a vertical slat design with a cherry wood grain pattern, beautiful.
Black Garage door
Black garage door on a Bloomington house goes great with today's darker colors.
Modern Aluminum Garage Door Install in St. Louis Park
Full window on a garage door in St Lous Park compliments the other windows on the house
24 Jun 2019
Loading dock lift

Loading Dock Efficiency

The hub of all the activity in the warehouse, the loading dock is an important part of any warehouse. Making sure it runs at its most efficient capacity is vital to a smooth running business.

Be assertive about keeping the loading dock area is clear of excess material such as merchandise or empty boxes.

And the installation of a high-speed door can also help ensure that the doors open and closed as fast as possible while still maintaining safety. It would also benefit the loading dock area to have a well-organized warehouse to ensure all the materials can be found and brought to the dock area quickly.

High-Speed Doors

Ensure that your warehouse is working at its fullest potential and is properly protected by installing the high-speed doors provided by Overhead Door Company of Northland. To install our doors on your loading dock, call us at 651-683-0307. Our loading dock specialists will help you get the right door, dock hood and dock lift.

Blue Giant Dock Lift
Blue Giant Dock Lift
Blue Giant Leveler and Nova Dock Seals
Blue Giant Leveler and Nova Dock Seals
30 May 2019
Traditional Wood Residential Garage Door

Selling or Buying A New Home? Your Garage Door Matters.

What is the first thing you see when you look at a home? There it is your garage door standing proud in the front of your house for all to see. So what does your garage door say about your house?

As the focal point of the front of your house does your garage door sets the tone for the rest of your house.

When you are trying to sell or buy your home the first thing that home buyers see is the front of your home. When you invest in an eye-catching garage door, buyers will be drawn to your home over a home that has a dull curb appeal. If your garage door looks old, unmaintained, and run down, buyers will assume the inside of your home will be the same.

With so many options to choose from you can choose from a wide variety of beautiful eye-catching garage doors. Choose a stunning style guaranteed to impress or a classic look to welcome guests. Choose your style to fit your personality and to increase the value of your home and make that sale. Call Overhead Door Northland at 651.683.0625.

03 May 2018
Garage Opener Give Away Prior Lake Minnestoa

Garage Opener Give Away with AM1500 Radio

For the last several years we have teamed with ESPN 1500 am radio to give away a garage door opener. It happens on the first

Chain Drive Garage Door
Garage Door Opener Give-away

Friday of spring where the temperature hits 70 degrees. Each year we park ourselves for the afternoon at a local restaurant and before we leave there is a drawing for free Overhead Door garage door opener. This year we will be at Charlie’s On Prior in Prior Lake from 1 to 3 in the afternoon.

While it is tough duty, we will power through for the afternoon, sitting on the deck hoping that a sea gull does not poop on our head; all so that someone can go home with a brand new shiny garage door opener.

We are pretty excited. Hope to see you there!

22 Jun 2017

Local Door Systems Technicians Earn National Certification

Door and access systems technicians with Overhead Door Co of the Northland, Eagan, MN, have been designated as Certified Commercial Sectional Door Systems Technicians by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA).  The certification credentials have been awarded to: Matthew A. and Chad C.

The Certifications are effective as of June 1, 2017.

IDEA Commercial Sectional Door Systems Technician Certification is available to individuals who can document training and demonstrate a high degree of knowledge and expertise in the installation and service of commercial sectional door systems.


22 Jun 2017

Local Door Technicians Earn Highest Industry Credential

Three employees of Overhead Door Company of the Northland, Eagan, MN, have earned the top level of certification for technicians in the door and access systems industry.  Jeromy B., Phillip K. and JT Anderson have been awarded the designation “Master Automated Access Systems Technician” by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA), a non-profit, third party organization that provides training and credentialing in the door and access systems industry. The “Master Tech” status is considered the Gold Standard for technicians in the industry, and it is awarded to those who earn individual certification in the following disciplines:

• Residential Installation
• Commercial Sectional Door Systems
• Commercial Rolling Door Systems
• Rolling Steel Fire Doors


15 May 2017
open garage door in Eagan, MN goes against preventing home burglaries


Imagine coming home after a long day of work to find the door between your house and garage ajar. As you walk inside, you see a mess of broken dishes in the kitchen and your television missing from the wall. Your master bedroom is torn apart and your grandmother’s ring is gone. Yes, you’ve been a victim of a home burglary.

Unfortunately, you’re not alone. According to the FBI, a U.S. home is burglarized once every 15 seconds.

Home Burglaries Are Quick and Quiet


27 Apr 2017
Residential garage doors - the new 983 Impressions Collection Woodbury

New Impression Steel Collection: Versatile and Reliable Residential Garage Doors

Today’s homeowners are discerning. They appreciate beauty and value. They want options—even when selecting garage doors. They want a choice of colors, windows and hardware that complements the style of their house and enhances curb appeal. In addition, they want to know their doors will be durable and secure, offering a convenient, comfortable passage into their home at the end of a long day.
The recently launched New Impression Steel Collection delivers not only aesthetic versatility, but also the legendary performance, durability and value that Overhead Door customers have come to expect. This collection ticks all the boxes of the things that matter most to homeowners.READ MORE