A unique look for today’s more contemporary-styled homes. Crisp lines and sleek design formed from durable corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and light-filtering or reflecting glass make a striking complement to your home.


With so many options available, we realize it can be confusing and often overwhelming to select the right door for your application needs. A good place to start is with our framed 511 or 521 models.

Or with our new "frameless" Envy collection. Yes, it is called envy take a look and see if you agree. Both styles provide contemporary envy-producing elegance with sleek lines while delivering with options for various degrees of light infiltration into your garage space.


Save time and let us do the work for you by giving us a call at (651) 683-0307. With a few simple questions, one of our experienced Overhead Door Sales Specialists will be able to pick the aluminum door that best fits your home. 

On the other hand, if you know exactly what you are looking for in aluminum door, you can review specific door specifications at Overhead Door's Company website.

modern aluminum garage door
Modern Aluminum Garage Door Minneapolis suburb
Aluminum Garage door
WOW! An all window garage door makes a statement


Modern Aluminum Door Features & Options

 Available in a variety of vertical rail widths and horizontal stile widths to complement the style of your home.
 Solid aluminum panels
 An array of glass choices are available (both insulated and non-insulated) including: double strength, obscure, satin, laminated white, low E, tempered, tinted, clear polycarbonate, multi wall polycarbonate and clear acrylic.
 Can be fitted to meet wind load building requirements.
Strong, light-weight struts are included in the design of the rail assembly to enhance durability
Hinges and fixtures are galvanized to maintain a contemporary look.