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Protecting Your Warehouse from Extreme Weather

Tips for Protecting Your Warehouse

A warehouse can go from efficient to frenzy with a strong gust of wind or heavy rainfall. Due to dock doors being wide enough to fit a freight truck, there is plenty of opportunity for the elements to negatively affect your space. Rather than subject your employees and merchandise to damage, here are a few ways you can prevent it.

  • First prepare your deck for any kind of weather by making sure all maintenance has been kept up.
  • Then advise your staff to dress accordingly. If the weather is warm, dress in lighter layers; and if cold add layers to their outfit. Be aware of any significant weather changes and keep merchandise and employees from the doors as much as possible.
  • To completely secure your warehouse, install seals and shelters to your warehouse opening.

At the Overhead Door Company of the Northland, we provide the best seals and shelters and can install them for you. For additional information contact us at (952)888-1944.